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Doors and home security

In this article we will look at the basics of a safe home and doors as an integral part of security, starting with a simple truth:

Security must be paid for, and lack of it must be paid for.
Winston Churchill

Window designs: Properly selected and installed windows with reinforced glass, anti-burglary locks, fittings and grilles also significantly increase the security of your home.

Security Systems: Installing reliable security systems such as video surveillance, alarms, motion sensors and access control complements the protection of doors and windows. These systems warn of possible threats and help prevent illegal entry.

On the Ukrainian market, security companies will provide you with a variety of security systems and an individual approach for everyone.

Lighting: Good lighting around the home, near doors and inside rooms is an important factor for safety. Bright and uniform light, regardless of whether it is turned on by a motion sensor or constant power to the lamp, reduces the risk of intruders and makes it easier to monitor potentially dangerous places.

Neighborhood Network: Establishing trust and mutual support with neighbors helps improve safety. Mutual surveillance and reporting of suspicious activity can help prevent crime.

Safety Sensitivity: The most important thing is awareness and compliance with safety measures on the part of you and your family. This includes closing and locking doors and windows when leaving the house, using secure passwords for security systems, and teaching children and family members about basic safety.

Doors must have the following key characteristics:

Strength and stability: Doors must be made of high quality materials, such as reinforced steel, armored doors, or special composite materials with a minimum thickness of 2mm. This will provide them with high strength and the ability to withstand force, such as hacking attempts or physical attacks.

Reliable lock system: It is important to choose doors equipped with modern code mechanisms of at least the 4th security class and reliable locks (locking mechanisms). The best solutions remain the leading Italian, Israeli, Czech, Austrian, Finnish, German (Mottura, Cisa, MUL-T-LOCK, TOKOZ, EVVA, Abloy, ABUS).

We would like to highlight theRadlock locks from the Ukrainian manufacturer, which have a quality no lower than European brands, and the level of burglary resistance is sometimes higher with designs that have no analogues. The mechanisms can be either mechanical or electromechanical, in combination with or without armored linings, but the installation of armored plates and armored linings on locks, in our opinion, is mandatory.

Armor plates can prevent various methods of entry, such as breaking down the door with heavy tools, sometimes using master keys, or breaking through locks. They are usually made of high-strength steel or special composite materials that are difficult to damage or penetrate.

Fire Resistance: Highly fire resistant doors are an important aspect of home safety. They must be able to withstand high temperatures for extended periods of time to prevent the spread of fire and provide time for evacuation.

Soundproofing: Good security doors should also have good soundproofing to minimize outside noise penetration and ensure your privacy.

It is important to remember that security must be comprehensive!

We are ready to provide a free comprehensive consultation, modification of doors, selection and installation of doors, installation of additional ones (if necessary) or replacement with more reliable and burglary-resistant locks. Protection against hacking and intrusion methods. Call!