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Doors. Repair or change?

The decision about whether to repair or replace the doors depends primarily on the condition of the metal (skeleton) and the condition of the overall structure of the door, since the issue of design, insulation, fittings and the level of burglary resistance of the locks is completely resolved by our craftsmen. Here are some thoughts:

Door status:

If your current doors have minor damage such as sagging doors, creaks, rubbing in various places of the frame, minor dents, broken locks or door fittings, then they can be repaired. If the damage is serious such as metal deformation or corrosion, replacement may be a more reasonable option.


Repairing doors is often cheaper than replacing them completely. And the purchase of high-quality ones that will meet the minimum standards of sound insulation, burglary resistance and will last at least 25 years will cost five to six figure sums. So if you're on a budget, consider renovating.

Design and functionality:

If you don’t like the design of your current doors, this can most often be solved by installing new MDF overlays, reupholstering, painting the door and installing new fittings. Combined with replacing locks and combination mechanisms, this can improve door security and insulation; in rare cases, replacement may be a more appropriate option.

Age of doors:

If your doors are 35+ years old and do not meet current safety and efficiency standards, replacement may be necessary.

The decision depends on specific circumstances, factors and your wishes.


The decision whether to repair or replace doors depends on many factors. It is necessary to evaluate the condition of the doors, budget, design and functional needs. Call us and a door repair and restoration specialist will advise you and give recommendations based on your specific circumstances. Regardless of your choice, it is important that the doors provide security and comfort to your home.