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Lock repair. When and in what cases

Lock repair is an important and urgent procedure that must be performed ONLY BY A SPECIALIST if problems arise with the operation of the code part or locking system. However, in some cases, repair may not be the most effective solution, especially when the repair was not carried out by a qualified technician or by yourself and replacing the lock may be preferable.

We often go out for emergency opening of doors not because the person has lost the key, but because the key does not turn or spins around its axis idle without opening the lock after repair, in the end the savings are not economical, since the cost of a new lock plus emergency opening and even at the most inopportune time! Here are a few more reasons why you shouldn't always repair locks:

  • Serious damage: If the lock has been seriously damaged, for example due to a break-in attempt, impacts, physical impact, door sagging, repairs may be temporary and may not provide complete security. In such cases, it is recommended to replace the lock to ensure reliable operation.
  • Outdated Models: If you have an older lock that does not meet modern security standards, repair may be a temporary solution. Replacing your lock with a modern model with improved features and technology can significantly improve the security of your home.
  • Repeated problems: If your lock keeps having problems, even after repairs, it may be a sign of more serious problems with its mechanism. In such cases, replacement may be a more long-term and effective solution to avoid ongoing inconvenience and potential safety hazards.

However, in most cases, lock repair can be a very reasonable and effective way to fix minor problems and problems. If the lock is functioning properly, but has some shortcomings, for example, difficulties with turning the key, with entering the keyhole or the latch is stuck, then repair by our SPECIALIST may be sufficient to restore its normal operation .

In any case, in order to make the right decision on repairing or replacing the lock, it is recommended to contact our locksmiths. Be sure that a qualified locksmith and security specialist in one person will arrive to assess the condition of the lock and offer the best option saving your locks, time and money!