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Car key recovery

Our door opening service also carries out flashing of car keys, that is, reprogramming (most often the transponder) of electronic car keys to ensure proper operation and compatibility with the emobilizer unit of a particular car. Without this, the electronics will not allow you to start the car. Flashing car keys may be necessary for a variety of reasons, including making a duplicate or replacing a car's immobilizer unit, restoring keys after breakage or loss, and changing key software settings for proper functionality and security.

In the process of flashing car keys, door opening service specialists use special equipment and software that will allow you to quickly carry out work with the electronics and software settings of the keys. We have knowledge of the operation of all makes and models of cars, which allows us to effectively flash any keys.

The car key flashing service includes the following steps:

Adding New Keys: If you need to add additional keys to your vehicle, technicians can flash new keys and sync them with the vehicle's system. This can be useful, for example, when purchasing a second key for the family car, or if you lose a key and need to create a new one. Remember that without firmware, new keys will not be able to open the lock in the car.

Replacing Lost Keys: If you have lost all of your car keys, key flashing can help you regain access to your car. Specialists will be able to reprogram new keys so that they are fully compatible with your car.

Car key flashing is an important process that requires professional skills and experience. Correct flashing of keys ensures that you save time, money and nerves in searching for a specific specialist who can solve the problem of flashing a car key.