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Car key repair

Car key repair is an alternative to completely replacing locks complete with keys, but instead a reliable way to restore the functionality of car keys. If you cannot open the lock in your car, there may be several reasons, but the problem may also be in the car key, especially if the key has recently been subjected to strong mechanical stress such as blows or falls, or due to negligence the key fell into water and gradually fails. In this case, the electronic part of the key is more often damaged. By contacting us, you will save the key, time and money.

During the repair of car keys, our door opening service specialists diagnose and analyze the causes of the problem. Knowledge in the field of electronics and programming allows us to effectively restore and configure car keys of any brands and models.

When repairing car keys:

We will provide replacement and restoration services for the key body; it can be replaced to return it to its original appearance and functionality.

We will repair electronic components: If the key stops working due to breakdown of electronic components, such as microchips or buttons, door opener service specialists will repair or replace the faulty parts.

Key Programming: Once the physical and electronic parts of the key have been restored, it must be properly programmed to work with a specific vehicle. This includes setting up access codes, immobilizer and other security systems.

Duplicate Keys: If you lose your key or need a backup copy, your door unlocker can copy an existing key or create a new one to allow you to gain access to your vehicle.

As a result of contacting us, you will receive fully functioning keys that can open the lock in your car. Our service saves your key, time and money, compared to a full key replacement at a car dealer and provides a reasonable solution to key problems, and will also save your keys and nerves from problems after unskilled repairs.