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Door restoration

Our company offers professional services for the repair and restoration of metal and wooden doors, guaranteeing the quality and reliability of operation of the restored doors.

Repairing a metal or other door is a difficult task performed by our door repair technicians, who specialize in restoring and correcting problems that arise with metal and other doors. Regardless of whether you require:

  • Canvas restoration
  • replacement of MDF lining,
  • replacing door stiffeners
  • lock replacement or repair
  • replacement of fittings
  • correction of door misalignment
  • loops
  • handles or other components

We are ready to solve these problems and restore the functionality and safety of your door.

We work with all types of doors and can offer you professional restoration, taking into account the specifics of each specific case. We are equipped with all the necessary tools and materials to provide repairs of high quality and durability.

Upon receipt of your request, we will arrange for a door repair specialist to arrive within 30 minutes to begin work on repairing the metal door. This way we will save your time, money and doors, instead of throwing away the doors, they will serve you for many more years.

We guarantee high quality and reliability of doors after restoration, while maintaining the functionality and aesthetic appearance of your doors.