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Emergency hood opening

Service Emergency opening of the hood; is the process of opening a vehicle's hood safely and professionally in situations where standard methods of opening the hood are ineffective or impossible. Such a service may be necessary when the car hood is jammed, slammed shut and for unknown reasons does not open, or its opening mechanism is completely out of order.

The specialists who provide the emergency hood release service have the necessary knowledge, tools and experience to perform this task without damaging the vehicle. They may use a variety of methods and tools to gain access to the hood release mechanism. Our technicians work with all makes of cars of any year.

The emergency hood opening service may include the following actions:

1. Inspection and diagnostics: a specialist inspects the car and analyzes the reason why the hood does not open in the standard way. He may check locking mechanisms, locks, cables, or other items that may be faulty or damaged.

2. Use of specialized tools: For emergency hood opening, special tools may be used, such as special levers, flexible wires or air guns, which help to remove or bypass locks and locking mechanisms


3. Vehicle safety: specialists ensure that the emergency hood opening process is completed without damaging the vehicle or its paint. They also consider possible risks associated with electrical or other components that may be under the hood and take appropriate precautions.

Emergency hood opening is an important service in cases where the car owner cannot open the hood on his own or when standard methods are ineffective.

This service allows you to provide access to mechanisms and components located under the hood for further maintenance, repair or restoration of normal operation of the vehicle. Therefore, our craftsmen will save your car, time and money on unnecessary parts and work.