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Making car keys

You can contact us if you need to make car keys after replacing the locks or losing the main keys.

If you lose your car key or have only one key (often when buying a car from other countries or secondhand, you will be sold it with one key), our specialists will help you restore the key and access to your car or make a duplicate of your key, as choosing the best options for your car.

We also offer high-quality production of new car keys that will exactly match your car make and model. Our team of experts is equipped with advanced tools and technologies that allow you to quickly recover keys based on the lock itself, or a part of the original key.

We work with all brands of cars, any year of manufacture.


After contacting our company, the technician will arrive on site within 30 minutes and analyze what type of key you need, and also calculate the cost and production time of the key, saving your money and time on unnecessary spare parts and searching for components.