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Replacement of cores, larvae and code mechanisms

By carrying out urgent replacements of cores and code mechanisms, we guarantee that a technician will arrive to you within 30 minutes of your call. The specialist will tell you the cost of replacing the lock or code mechanism immediately or on the spot after the inspection, taking into account all your wishes. We work around the clock in Kyiv and the region.

We provide services for replacing cores, cylinders and code mechanisms, providing increased security for your home, office or other premises. If you need to change your keys due to the loss of a key or one of their duplicates, the core sticks when inserting the key or does not turn at all, this is a sign that it needs to be replaced or repaired in the case of serviceable cores. Our door technicians will not only help you with the replacement by selecting the correct size, but will also take into account all your wishes, budget and select the required protection class for the code mechanism.

We offer high-quality replacement services for locks with a combination mechanism or the combination mechanism itself (core or face), but also a solution for protection against intelligent and vandal methods of burglary, thereby protecting your doors and property. We are equipped with all the necessary experience and knowledge, as well as tools and technologies to work with different types of locks and combination mechanisms.

We guarantee that when replacing a lock or just a code mechanism, we will not violate the integrity of the doors and will do it quickly, efficiently, saving your lock time and money, and showing maximum care and precision when working with locks.

CONSULTATIONS ARE FREE! We will offer the best replacement options and ensure high-quality work, saving your doors, money and time.