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Unlocking and removing the ignition switch

We offer services for unlocking and removing ignition switches in cars. We specialize in lock replacement and provide professional ignition switch repair services for various types of vehicles.

If you find yourself in a situation where the key does not enter the ignition switch, does not turn to the first, second or third position, or is completely stuck in one of these positions, most often the reasons may be either in the code part of the ignition switch or in destruction any part of it. It must be remembered that the ignition lock is part of the car's anti-theft system and it is not possible to remove or remove it yourself. IMPORTANT: When you try to remove the lock yourself, there is a huge risk of damage to other internal adjacent parts of the car.

Our technicians are equipped with the necessary tools, as well as experience in emergency car opening and troubleshooting problems with the ignition switch. We work with all types of locks and eliminate any possible damage during the service.

If you contact us, our lock repair technician will arrive at your location within 30 minutes to unlock the ignition switch and restore the functionality of your car. If it is necessary to open a car in an emergency, our team is also ready to provide assistance.

We guarantee the safety of your car during the work process. Our lock repair technicians have the experience and knowledge to efficiently and accurately perform ignition switch unlocking and removal without damaging your vehicle. Thus we save:

  • Your car, avoiding inexperienced auto mechanics.
  • Time, since the master will come to you quickly and immediately get to work.
  • Money for amateur auto experts.